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Casual Friday

10:03Mia Durano

 Ugh, Dried ends :( (overprocessed hair)

 Fancy the view? 

Tulu Bag, WAGW belt, Yhansy turban, Thrifted rings and neck piece, Metro Oxford flats. Bench V-neck tee, Ukay skirt. 

Wore this outfit on our first day in Cebu city. I opted for something casual and relaxed since the girls and I had a long list of errands to run. Hence the flats and the carefree skirt. The oxfords totally put together the "im-busy-but-make-time-to-look-casually-good" vibe

And oh! About the bag, its by TULU, a brand that sells bags made out of faux leather. Its my first vegan purchase. I think the idea to replace real leather goods with these is fabulous! The leather on this baby feels so real.Haven't animals suffered enough?


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