Commit to be fit

12:13Mia Durano

I’ve always struggled with my weight, because I’ve gone from fat to scary skinny. Everyone goes through this stage, and they ask themselves so many questions and the one I hate the most is- am I thin enough?

I swear, with all the pressure on being thin and thinner, no one ever becomes thin enough. And thin isn’t even attractive. I don’t like staring at girls with sunken stomachs and cheeks and guitar ribcages. Seeing hip bones is not sexy, its unhealthy.

I am like every other 18-year old out there, I sleep late (proven by the fact that I am writing this at 4am) and I have this massive uncontrollable appetite. I just can’t seem to stop eating! I’m always hungry and I eat when I’m bored (I am bored, therefore I shall eat). I have been trying to exercise but I just keep breaking the habit. And I just realized my problem, every time I browse a blog full of photos of fit girls or after I complain about my weight- I keep saying I’ll work out tomorrow. I kept saying tomorrow when what I should’ve been saying TODAY.

So in 2012 I commit to be fit. I will work out every day for as long I can, whether at home or in a gym. I will watch what I eat, but I will eat. I won’t be scary skinny; I’ll be fit and toned.

Abs, toned legs and muscled arms, here I come!

Will you commit to be fit in 2012?

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