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I've got the Blues.

07:00Mia Durano

 Hello blog-o-sphere! Its so good to be back! I’ve finally found the time to blog despite the numerous amount of work that I have to do for school. I really hope I find time again very very soon.

Now on to my outfit, If it isn’t obvious enough- my favorite color is blue. I love how elegant it looks on the right pieces. To make my blue studded top stand out, I wore it with my favorite white pieces.  Now, wearing white bottom got me worried the whole day cause I always had to be on the lookout for where I rested my tushy and placed my bag. Thankfully, my white shorts stayed white and my bag was stain-free.

This is one of my favorite tops. Why? Cause it comes with its own bling!. Pretty convenient!

SOUL Lifestyle top, PROMOD flats, Parfois bag. 

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