Holidays at OT Santos Elementary School.

05:52Mia Durano

Every year for the holidays, my mom's side of the family hosts a Christmas party for the students and faculty of O.T Santos elementary. O.T Santos is my great grandfather. This school sits on a part of his farmland (the farm is now managed by my aunts and uncles and other relatives).

This year was my first time to actually come and visit the school for myself and really enjoy and play with all these kids. We had lunch and many other games! The smiles on the kid's faces are priceless and celebrating with them really made my holidays even more enriching.

Look at this happy fool (me) on stage. Laughing so hard cause I'm forced to dance even though I cant.

My big happy family.

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  1. It felt so good and so overwhelming,,, I teared up a little :))

  2. Where'd you get your instax case? :)


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