18th Birthday - The Arabian Gypsy.

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Im turning 18 on the 14th of October. Gosh, Im going legal!!! My birthday currently occupies 65% of my mind. Picking the theme came first. I decided to go with a theme that was close to my heart and my fantasy- an ARABIAN/SEA GYPSY themed party.
The peg is very sex in the city in the Middle East. Think Pink, Blue, Orange and every color you can think of with subtle hints of gold. It will be colorful, extremely bright and fun.:)
Since most of my guests just answer me with "HA!? (insert confused face here) " ,here are photos that might remove that scrunched expression.
sorry if the photo is bad, but all the stills are copywrited cant copy them!:(
One of the best movies... EVER.
These colors on the drapes:)
Pretty gold lights!:)
My trusty Bag was one of the biggest pegs for my theme.

Yeah, so those elements will all be put together and form a hodgepogde of details that will be my party. Did you get it?  I want COLOR COLOR AND MORE COLOR.

A note to my guests: Please dont wear black or white. (shoes are an exemption) Come in color!:)
 Flowy dresses and bold accessories!

Party details soon after.

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  1. Hi Mia, I really like the concept of your 18th birthday. I envy you, didn't have one. Anw, love your style and your blog. A follower - I keep on browsing all your past blog posts.

    Hope you can visit mine :)