Birthdays Start with dinner and end With a Party

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Its my sister's birthday.:)
 Last Night was my best friend/ SISTER- Mesy's birthday. It was a night we all prepared for (outfits and all elements.) It was unbelievably GREAT! FUN TO ALL EXTREMES. Smiles and Laughs slightly brought about by alcohol and all that food.
The night started off at a famous Cagayan De Oro restaurant SENTRO 1850 (I'm typing in all caps cause that's how they write it.:))
Great food and Great people
Check out the hair on these two.
 Please dont mind the beer and all the hazards you see in the photo. Instead, Look at all those Fab faces!
Debbie, Lace and Patit.
PART 2 . :D
Everyone moves over to Club TILT. Fabulously situated right across the street from SENTRO (see how well this was planned out? haha.) Dancing and more was all the rage at TILT . One of the very few places I allow my Non-existent dance moves to surface.
Why is it that I look like I am about to skewer people in these two photos?
So, this was the scene. Nobody is there but the dance floor and all our friends. Letting loose and letting go.
Check out this amazing dress on the birthday girl!
There are around 400 more photos. Some good some bad. But then I cannot really put in words or rather, in writing- how much fun we had last night.

To My girl Mesy,
I hope you enjoyed your night as much as we did.  We seized the moment. That night was ours and ours alone. 
The rest will be part of history and it will never be a boring memory.
Love, Your sister,
mia xoxo

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