A Bit Of DIY Here And There

by - 03:22

So today I Tried to make my own necklace. Never knew it'd be kinda fun. Just a little trip to the craft store and i come home with lots of goodies!:)

Sorry I dont have any step-by-step shots didnt have the camera close by till after. So we have some chains, beads and charms.
After all that I ended up with 2 necklaces (one short and one long.) that you can wear as one or separatley.
 The product of my forehead-creasing hard work. I love them! Not bad for my first try at accessories

My Brown carry-all from wholesale-dress.net
Another Lookbook post! And i just had to wear my Necklace. So im wearing a skirt I made myself, and white drape-y top i store borrowed from my moms closet, A brown Braided belt from WAGW a brown carry all from wholesale-dress.net. A bunch of other things and my a big blue floppy hat my momma got me from her trip to Vigan.

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