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Obviously Overused.
With the jacket on.
Sm Department Store T-shirt and Faux Leather jacket. Thrifted shorts. Converse by Chuck Taylor Sneakers. Coconut Gold satchel. ZIYATurban. Assorted Accessories.

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My turban and my earrings match!
Wore this all afternoon driving around the city cause I put off so many errands till the last day of the super holiday. Got a few stares cause of the turban today. CDO,PLEASE UNDERSTAND. Originally, the outfit didnnt include the jacket but since I had a funny feeling that it might just rain (and it did) so i kept it in my car. The outfit just got all Leather-ry. Loving the black and the mix of the bright colors !

Random moment, was killing time in SM today. I went to our local SM and stopped by ZIYA for some cool new stuff. Lo and behold they have all these turbans in a BAJILLION designs and colors. Each for only 55 pesos! (wala na, mag hoard na tayo!)  They also have lots of clothes that are Flowy and Boho but still retain a sort of Edgy touch. Go check ZIYA out!
ZIYA is located at 2/F SM city Cagayan de Oro and at the SM mall of Asia.

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