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"my overused for school pair"
I clearly didn't know I was being photographed
Angelo and me pulling off the "wackiest" faces.
Messy hair and my brace faced smile
My cooky "KISSY" face


                  Another post about a day in school. I hope i dont bore you.:( just that im in school most of the time now. I had no classes today, And my friend Angelo (big cuddly guy in the photos) invited me for lunch with his mom and freinds at this great place called THAI ME UP ( no camera = no photos:( ) Great food and great friends.

                 P.S I got a new MIDI-skirt from details by details. Its so lovely and sweet looking! Now ive never worn Midi-skirts, so this is new to me. Maxi is fine but im not so sure about Midi. Maybe this one will fix that!

P.P.S Details by Details is awesome! check out the clothes on Facebook HERE and on its official site HERE

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