DIY. Layered Bead Necklace.

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Need a simple "pop of color" piece? Try Making this LAYERED BEAD NECKLACE. Its easy, Fun and really fast!
You will need:
- Big beads.
- 1.7 meters of chain.
- Generic Locks.
- That stick thingy that you put thru the bead. (I'm sorry. The name escaped me.)
- A pair of longnose pliers.
Step One:
Measure the chain around your neck and decide on how long you want the shorter part of the chain to stay. The longer part of the chain is approximately 1 1/2 inches below the shorter layer.
Step Two:
You can choose to fix the locks on the necklace or work on them while they are separate.
I opted to lock them together since it helps perceive the drops better.
Step Three.
Now, on to the beads. You take one of those Gold poles (or whatever they are) and put it through the bead (just like in the photo). And once its in, you insert the free part of the pole into the chain. Once in, You lock the bead in by folding (with the pliers) the free end over the chain. I used 10 beads for my first.
The bead with the pole's edge already folded in place.
Step Four:
Once you have Figured out the folding and the locking, you can move on to filling in the first layer. Note that it is important to keep the spaces in between the beads consistent.
The first (shorter) layer.
Step Five:
Once the Shorter layer is done, start the second layer. The second (longer layer) starts 2 steps above the shorter layer. The same process applies. You can add a few extras though, like how I added some turquoise to the bottom of mine.
My longer layer and the turquoise.
Now, when you finish, there are many possible adjustments you need to make. Like length, balance and re-locking. Once done with all that this is how your necklace would look.
the layers.
OKAY! Go try it already!:)
ps. New look post tomorrow!

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