A Fresh Start!

by - 04:28

Wholesale-dress.net poncho,bag and shoes. H&M skirt. Artwork tanktop. Top avenue necklace.

Yes, I know! Its scorching hot and I bought myself a knit poncho. I COULD NOT RESIST THE PRINT! And who knows, it might be useful someday!

Btw, Im selling these shoes. Interested? Tweet @itsmiaaa

A fresh start. An idiom meaning a new beginning. So here I am typing away on my new blog. Finally,a blog with a proper layout that screams out my personality.:)

None of my writing seems to make sense today. So I leave you with a mind to keyboard essay I wrote a day back.

 Mia is a confused little girl. Thinking about maybe a billion details. Right now she’s sitting in a restaurant currently thinking about her new pair of shoes and what would go with it. She’s also thinking about that skirt she just designed and the right kinds of cloth that it should go with (chiffon or tulle?). There’s also her debut, she’s just decided to give it a theme and it will be Arabian-gypsy. Now, the theme leads her to more details to think about, like what colors she should use?(she’s banning black and white already, those are just too drab.) Where it should be? What decorations is she going to use? What food to serve?  

She’s busy and she wants to be, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else she would kill for 4 more hours of sleep. Just like everyone else she doesn’t know what exactly she wants and why she’s doing what she’s doing. Its so confusing being Mia, Isnt it? Then she thinks, its also confusing to someone else, right?

Her head is literally swimming in all its thoughts. Mentally cursing her mind for being such an ocean. Another thought flashes like neon – How can the mind keep up with all these ideas?. She must be superhuman. Everyone is.

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