Grab The Chance

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 Kimono Wrap Dress (designed by me.)
Feathered single earring.(By me.) Silver Necklace (Thrifted) Feathered Necklace (Top Avenue) Random rings and bangles.
Notice how the single earring is the only colored piece? I just realized that I cannot live without a bit of color!
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platforms

Photos by : Angkie Borres

Last night I attended a my dearest Patit's debut. The theme was Bohemian. So, I went online, googled a bit, and decided to go with nude/brown tones. I was so set on just buying a flowy dress. Then I thought, these are one of those few nights that I can actually dress up, so why not go all out?

So I pick up some paper and start drawing. And I come up with a Kimono wrap. Its bold and heavy so it creates a huge impact when worn.
I had to wear it with a tube top (cause we don't want the girls exposed), bold necklaces and a thick belt to hold it all together. And because JC'S are the best boho shoes ever, I threw them in too!

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