Hey there Delilah

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I look like im trying to hit me

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Trifted polo, Janilyn wedges, forever 21 bangles, assorted necklaces from thrift stores, topshop Denims.
Hmm..another lookbook post dating back to around a month ago. Photos taken by my 9 year old brother. COOL RIGHT? :D I am so pround to tell you guys that my polo only cost me a good php39.00. WAAAY CHEAP!
orry, still too busy with school and learning how to make image links and headers for the blog. Viola! Now i have very grade 1 links to my lookbook,facebook and my twitter (too few.:( still figuring it out,sorry again.) my biggest delimma is the header I know nothing about photoshop or anything about editing any thing. I am so proud of my self for learning ho to add that "film effect" filter on my photos! YAY!
great grandma just passed away moments ago. I'll miss you my lola.
-my 101 year ol d

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