I will never stop wanting shoes. NEVER EVER.

by - 03:45

Shoes i'm currently thinking about getting this month/year/maybe never.
I hope my mama reads this post:)
Jeffrey Campbell FOXY'S in apricot espadrille, Black lace, Grey and Gun. They are just so perfect. and i uhhhh... NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.:)
These H&M Cork heels. These are replicas and i just think i like these colors better then the Green on the real ones:) But if you wanna see the real ones here they are too:
Photo from kryzuy.com
Okayyyy..I might love them too:)
these wedges..i don't know who's they are (can anyone comment below and tell me?). I've always been a Wedge person and these cannot be anymore PERFECT!:)

I am going to stop browsing through Online shoe stores till I have save enough of my allowance to buy these shoes. How I wish I was working na. Id make my own money and do my own thing. Sadly, I'm still a student.

I will never stop wanting shoes. NEVER EVER.

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