I'll Know You.

by - 03:58

Topshop Dress. Brooks Brothers Polo.
Forever 21 and Accessorize Bangles
Thrifted Scarf.
Hype this look on LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA
Trying to do the "Im a couture model face" . Nag work ba?  Today's look was all about a quirky dress paired with a clean polo. The accessories are simple and subtle. The scarf is there cause a scarf makes it all look Fayshoooon (haha)

Taking my mind off my Philosophy 42.1 (History of Western Philosophy.) midterms. The test has 40 questions, to be answered in essay form. We have to do 13 questions per hour per day for the given time of 3 days. Can't you say STREEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS?. To top it all off, we have to do a research paper! Due tomorrow! :(

In other news,
The Philippine Askals are in town! Now, not many of you know, but I used to play a lot of soccer i love the sport to the bone! Well, I did till my bones gave up on me. I have so much respect for this team, and how far in the world cup qualifiers they got to go. I'll be de-stressing by watching the games this week with my girls!

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