In all neutrality.

by - 03:29

awkward face.:( darn the sun:(
my new loves.:) Ruby red Flats by Tory Burch

Hmmm...a very neutral outfit. One of the very few dresses I am allowed to wear in school
  • No bottoms above the knee.
  • No rubber slippers.
  • No sleeveless shirts.
  • No short skirts.
  • No tattered pants
That's a bunch of the many  rules we have for school. But this whole no uniform thing till July 8th is pissing me off! I am running out of clothes and everyday is a major sobfest where you can hear the words "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" being screamed out a bajillion times. I  sit in front of my closet and mentally piece things together.
 To the dresshop that makes my uniform.
                                Please, Please. Im runnning out of clothes that are allowed for school.

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