Its just Cloth.

by - 04:09

Exactly what the title says. Just cloth
DIY feather earrings
Capital Vice Heels
Forever 21 Sunglasses.
A closer look at my temporary tattoo.
Hype this on Lookbook and Chictopia
Long weekend in the Philippines. And what do I do, aside from playing with my cousins (they left today:( ) - I grab a big sheet of cloth and start draping it all over. I belt it, and POOF! Its a dress! hahahaha! You should REALLY try it!

And oh! Fancy the tat? Its henna so it goes in maybe 7 days. I got it at the beach yesterday. Its kind-of inspired by the tattoos they get for Indian weddings. Pretty riiiiight?

Another thing, I got my hair permed to be a new textured frizzy something! Its not defined and all that fancy but, its messy and wash and wear. Plus straight got boring.

Now,I'm going back to lazing around my bed like the big blob of lazy that I am.


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