Just another day in school

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So this is pretty much a random post about my day in school. I'm so sorry i couldn't come up with anything better, I promise ill be posting a new look soon!
So i get to school and meet up with my friends for an early lunch. This is my korean buddy's cap. Its so awesome! The words are like in Czech or something baltic.
Only 3 classes that day and here I am slacking off in Political Science and taking photos with my seatmate
Here is Qyna and Celinna stressing over a Sociology test we didnt study for. (oh,we've all been past this.)
A photo of my trusty Le Pliage. GAAH! this baby is super stong and works with everything!
After class-in-between-breaks moment. Kaye (Jung Jea Jin) was playing with the sepia tone on my camera. Hmmm..great shot dont you think.?
And these are the faces of wasted people! JK! hahaha
The engineering building and its canteen. where you can buy THE BEST SIOMAI everrr!!
There was this event in school called the ORG-TRIP so, it hought it would be fun to take photos of the displays there. This is for the APC (which i am a part of) i found the colors so cute!
A curtain of bottles! snazzzy!
Oh my addiction the cute angry birds!! Funny story! One guy asked me to take a photo of him holding the Eng'g banner, so i was like SURE!(the setting was fine anyways). So he poses. I clamp down on the button. And I go ONE...TWO..THREE! Suddenly the guys MULTIPLY! >:D Then after I take their photo they all runn up to me and pose next to me. I swear the whole field was staring. my face was all ASDFGHJKL~:0

Alrightt...so please forgive me for not blogging asap. Ive been itching to swear! I will tomorrow though! Blogging while trying to scarf down a MONSTER pizza. ITS REALLY PLEASURABLE.>;D

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