Love You Like a Love song Baby!

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My new wooden bangles.
the rings I wore today
RINGS! blue floral ring by Love.eyecandy. All the rest are thrifted. Or found elsewhere.
My favorite set! they just look so nice!
So I went out and went to this place where i can buy great rings. and look what i got a pretty set of 10 rings! (2 of which arent posted.:( ). These rings are to die for! So nice and just perk up any outfit!

tip: to keep rings like this from rusting, coat them with CLEAR nail polish first.  And it keeps the icky green stuff from gong on to your fingers.

The LBC guy arrived today and brought me my goodies from LoveEyecandy
All about feathers necklace, Feather Earrings and a really cute Blue floral ring.
Thanks to Ulla Ku Sy of Love EyeCandy. I love all the pieces so much! Especially the feather necklace! Such a great statement piece!

P.S Finally figured out how to get this effect in Photoshop.:) Tried it with the rings photo, What do you think?
Dont Forget to visit LoveEyecandy

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