Mailmen Do Bring The Happiest Of Things.

by - 03:32

Great things come by mail (shallow i know but, you cant keep a girl from loving good things). So today the mail guy arrived with a hefty package for me and I wasnt even sure what it was, till i realized I used up my hefty balnace from to buy a few things. I wasnt expecting them to come today. but lo and behold! the prettiest pair of shoes were in that big fat package along with a great dress and FAB earrings.
The shoes are amazing. They are girl and sweet with pink fabic straps and a suede wedge. Isnt she nothing but a DOLL?:) And would you belive it only cost me 12USD!!??
They add height without being a pain. And the straps hold on just fine no pushing or slipping. The sole is sof and comfy too, theres like a extra layer of padding so it doesnt kill your feet.
I love this dress! Its just the right length, falls perfectly around my knees. The one shoulder thing is just so elegant and add a subtle sexy to the look.
The earrings that only cost me $ .50 ! In the words of Moschino...CHEAP AND CHIC!:)
Here's everything! Thanks to Great and cheap things there!:)

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