Miss Oh So Vain

by - 03:28

Aright, post contains a bunch of photos of me. so...may i apologize in advance?
Around a month back i took a trip to visit Cebu city to pick up my things from the dorm and my other papers from school. There were mirrors everywhere i went and i had my camera along everywhere. You would think I would have the self reservation to be modest and not take photos everywhere, but no, MISS VAIN just had to step out of me! hahaha:)
My favorite scarf from accesorize.
same outfit but with a little more detail:) Artwork over sized tank top and really comfy wide leg strechy pants. (taken ant the WAGW ayala dressing room;) hehe:)
My new favorite sweater from Beijing,China. Wagw Floral Dress and Longchamp Le Pliage. Thank you daddy fro my really soft and cuddly sweater!
Watsons- Ayala center Cebu. Notice the difference? We asked the demo people to do our hair for the night and they gladly agreed! (nakakahiya!) SO WHATS BETTER? CURLY OR STRAIGHT?
To the airport. Clearly in a fat rush!
And on a fashion and accessory related note...
My big fat love! My new bangle from a certain native store from a certain somewhere in Cebu! IS'NT SHE PRETTY?

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