Mountain getaway...and then some.

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Half of the Brood that traveled 2 hours for a getaway.
Okay, so Friday our whole family (along with the Burgonio family and Tota Micheal) went on a 2 hour roadtrip to Dahilayan,Bukidnon. This place is home to alot of attractions such as the family park (for picnics and such.) and is also home to Asia's LONGEST zip line at 840m.
Just to show you guys.
My aunt Chay and Uncle Brian after braving the zipline.
Just in case your'e wondering why I'm not on the zipline- its cause Ive done it twice before.:) and I was busy watching the kids!( Nanny right here!) So here's what Little Alexia and I did.
We rode a horse-y!
Little Lexi:)
After the zipline the whole troop headed off to the lobby of the Pine Grove lodge for some coffee,burgers and Foosball.
Coffee people unite!
To anyone looking for that go to place for some downtime, Dahilayan is for you! Its chilly and so homey. Think,holding on to your warm cup of coffee whilst observing your view of pine trees covered in fog. You are deadline and totally worry free.

And oh, just for fun, go on the 840 Zip. It'll clear your sinuses for a year!

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