Trying to connect the dots.

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Just to show you im everybit as nuts as the next chick
Notice the change?
Forgive the Cooky-ness. I was born this way.
Lace Midi skirt by DetailsbyDetails. All about feathers necklace and blue floral ring by Love.eyecandy. Scarf (turned into a top) from SM department store. Pink wedges from . Braided belt from WAGW.  37 Gold bangles by F21. then my trifted rings and bangles.

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This whole MIDI skirt thing is so experimental, since i'm wearing something short or long. So this midi thing was just so in between and it was a huge step to take. Thank you Detailsbydetails for sending in this pretty skirt that has become my new love. The wedges i got are unbelievable and really pretty, nice to know I might be only person in the city who might have them.
My little sister took all these photos. Thank you for laying on floor while taking these.

School has been hard on me this week so im stuffing myself with chocolate ( all that on the post below.)

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