Whatever fits your finger.

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I never got why I liked snakes.
Blueee! You can never go wrong with BLUEE!
Wear the LOVE
Don't you just LOVE how unique this one is? Its even got a little "W" on its charm. Wright Brothers, the inventors of the first plane.
My arsenal.
Okay this is going to be quick , cause i've gotta leave for school in 10 minutes!
Went on a ring haul one day, and I decided to blog about it. Im thinking of growing the collection. I mean one cannot simply have too much!
Which is your favorite?Comment and I might just mail you the same one! (NO JOKE!)
This post is just eye candy, Cause i'm posting again tonight! :)

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  1. I like the peace sign connector ring. Reallllllllllllllllly cute :)) But if you intend to maiil any of these, I willing to accept any of them :D