She'd very much love to Stay 18

by - 02:50

Photographed by Aidx Paredes. 

Details by Details Midi-skirt (used as a dress), WAGW belt. People are People Nude Oxford heels. Top Avenue Head Piece. Random Bangles.

The first set of photos from my pre-debut shoot by  Aidx Paredes. Choosing him to be my photographer and videographer is the best choice I made for my debut. He is so easy to work with and so talented at such a young age (He's only 17). Check out his other sets on his blog .

 I turned 18 (October 14) a day  after these photos were taken. Honestly, being 18 doesn't feel any different. Yes, being 17 one day and 18 the next is a pretty funny feeling. But being 18 just entitles me to a new set of rules and responsibilities.

Done with the serious, HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!:D

Will upload more photos soon!

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  1. where are you from, dear? i know aidx is from can i assume that you speak bisaya too?

    coz if the answer to that is yes, then let me just say:

    MADAM KAAYO KA GEEENG! hahah.. bungga! laveeeet <3

    im a new follower ;)