Baby its cold outside.

by - 08:15

 Thriftgasm sweater dress.
 Wagw Trench Coat
 Thrifted ring.

The post is called "Baby its cold outside" simply cause, it was cold outside! I took the liberty of  taking self timer shots before heading off to the local mall. (haha, no sibling would do it for me )

Its almost Christmas! The wind is getting chilly and its now time for scarves and coats to shimmy and come out! I wore this all white look out today and then juxtaposed it with gold accessories.  I was only supposed to put on the sweater and all the gold, but the rains told me I needed to pile up a bit more. I got a few stares at our local SM for wearing a coat like this. I don't wanna sound mean. but who was I to think Cagayan would understand. :(

Ranting for the second time today,
Mia. xoxo 

Might have my own blog giveaway soon! Tell me what you think

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  1. hahaha. I get some stares too whenever I go to malls with my "fasyown" outfit. I do wear the outfits that I post in my blog because I feel like it's a waste if I don't. ;) But actually, it feels great that some do stare hahaha! you just don't know how much they envy you for having the confidence to wear that. ;) ooooh DO A GIVEAWAY! :D

  2. heheee. Im doing this cause i feel sorry for myself if i spend for clothes that will never see the light of day. The really do need to get out.
    Go wear your outfits! It actually educates those who tease you about it :)
    I will super soon@

  3. hi Mia.. nice coat! Love the color white..=D BTW am a new follower here, hope you have time to visit my site and follow my humble blog too

  4. I'm from CDO and I would understand. I just don't get why some (or should I say most) of the people I see at malls or practically everwhere stare at people who wear good clothing. They probably don't know that it's rude to stare. :(