Pink Outtake.

by - 21:37

Here I am at our restaurant, waiting for my 3-hour break to end! This owning a restaurant thing isn't helping my diet, but then again, where am I to go for free food and WiFi?

Another set of photos not included in the final layout. I really don’t have a dress that looks like that. But I do have a shiny turquoise bandage skirt and 2 meters  of pink cloth. Both when tied together and pieced nicely become this really pretty make-shift dress!

 Maybe I should get a dress made in its like-ness!

Waiting for mama to get me a camera,

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  1. gorgeous ever!!! :) I love viewing your photos! mka inspire! <3

  2. Blue and Pink with the accents of classy accessories look perfectly good on you. Your hair also is beautiful.