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 Thrifted Bag.

 People are People Nude pumps.
 Random rings.

F21 Butterfly Necklace and Gold bangles.  

Thrifted Top, H&M skirt.

My stylist and photographer. More about her here.

Its another one of those quite less than causal looks that might never be seen outside my house (read : made up-stay home.) :( But, then again, Cagayan may learn to accept outfits like this one day and this may just get out :) (Hopeful.)

In other news, Mesy slept over. Which might be why this outfit looks like something she would wear.
In other other news, SCHOOL JUST STARTED. Which will be the cause of my week long hiatus from blogging. 

Randomly ranting,

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  1. Hello Mia! :))
    I love the print-on-print look! And, that skirt is gorge :))

  2. print on print it is! you look fab! iwant to be as skinny as you *sad

  3. Print on print is totally cool!