3 hours and 4 cups later

by - 03:24

NYX lip cream in addis ababa. I love you.

So, I set up a 4pm meeting with my boss (yes, I have a job. details of which will be discussed next year) and I wanting to look like the model employee decide to come early...okay, I didn't exactly decide to come early, mum dropped me off early (oh the pain of being a student.) . 

I decide to wait at Starbucks. I change from my uniform to an outfit that would better show the side of me that relates to my work. I don suede boots and a sparkly sweater (keyword being SPARKLY) and my favorite high waist shorts from Spruce. Put on the usual accessories and get out of the restroom looking like I am  not a student at all. I turn on the laptop and review my presentation. This is when it starts, the greatest downpour I've seen since last year's onslaught. The rain just decides to rain heavily on my parade, this of course being the cause of the cancellation of my scheduled meeting. 

I look outside and its flooding . I feel like a castaway stuck on a deserted island. Only that my island is a popular coffee shop filled to the brim with fattening goodies and coffee refills that add 60 Pesos to your regular 105 Peso cup. It also seems like the only place in my city where people with a fashion sense come to feel less scrutinized. (I know, the last line is mean, but please understand.) 

I have been here 3 hours and have had 4 cups of coffee. I cannot see past the windows cause of the fog so the only way I can tell that the rain is getting stronger is by how drenched people look when they come in. I've also been here long to realize that no matter how much I love coffee, I will get sick of its smell. 

Hoping to get out soon,

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