Dahilayan Photo Diary.

by - 06:49

(grapes,pine trees, me, Pine Grove Mountain Lodge, corn, solo plane, under the pine tree, dune buggy, candid shot of me and my cousins,indian 1, Forest park directions, raindrops on the wind shield, indian 2, ponsetias, Sacajawea, Pine Forest.)

Our family and a few relatives took a trip to the Mountains of Dahilayan to try the zip line and try all the rides.I got to ride a horse and go on a very dirty dune buggy ride with my little cousin. While all the relatives tried several more attractions, I went off (like the wanderer that I am) and took photographs. 

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  1. What a lovely place. I would love to visit there someday :)


  2. you took some really great shots! I haven't been to the new and improved Dahilayan, I was only there when it was still uhmm, raw?haha i mean no thigamajigs yet, just the zipline. hehe

    followed you btw. I always love to meet fellow Kagay-anon bloggers. I hoe you check out my blog if you have time. thanks :D


  3. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I wanna go there now :)


  4. awww!! cool superhero name! you should come!! ill tour you around myself!!