Channeling the olden times.

by - 07:51

My new favorite shoes!

Vintage shirt: Thrift bin
Bag: Parfois
Shoes: SO FAB
Shorts: Spruce.

Another workday outfit.  I had to pick out clothes to use for a photo shoot the following day. so i wanted to wear something easy and comfortable hence, my flats. I really getting addicted to them! I may need more!

Its been a long day! Ill blog again tomorrow! 

PS. Still a few more days to join my giveaway! Win a satchel here 

Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. love the shooooes!!! weeeeee.. ^_^

  2. Napapadalas na ata the posts mi! Keep it up! Miss you lover! btw, I have the same lion ring!! <3