Edge of Seventeen. A Photo Exhibit.

by - 06:58

 Aidx Paredes is having his first photo exhibit! I remember those days in high school when he used to go around taking snapshots of everyone with a digital camera. I promise up and down that he is the best young (young cause he is only 17!) photographer out there. 

The exhibit will also feature videos shot by Aidx and reggae bands will be playing all throughout the night. There will also be a giveaway for a lucky guest!

The Edge Of Seventeen photography exhibit is happening at 7pm in the Lions Reggae Bar and Plates,  Juan Luna St., Davao City. If you have any queries, contact 09157930390 or visit www.aidxparedes.com. 

So if you’re from Davao city or if you're the area please drop by and witness the talent only Aidx can have. 

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  1. I'll prolly go there! :)