Little Bluebird. ( Giveaway winner announcement.)

by - 06:34

 (My face looks so mean. Sorry, Mr. Sun was being hard on me.)

Top: From Aidx
Bag: Longchamp
Bangles: Hong Kong
Flats: Sm Department Store

Just a little something I wore to school. I only had to be in school for an hour to take my dreaded Filipino test. I swear! Its one of the only exams I fear to the bone! My Filipino skills are errr..let's say is on a grade school level. Its not something im proud of, I mean being alien to my own country's language is not a great thing.

Moving on, today i learned a valuable lesson. 
If you want something, it will be yours if you work hard enough. It will never be easy, if it is easy, then it isn't worth working for.
(Funny how I realized that while struggling to lift weights in the gym. haha)

And to the moment you're all waiting for! My blog giveaway winner!!
And the winner is... 


the 84th entry :)

Till the next giveaway!!!

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