SOUL LIFESTYLE : Blogger's Soiree.

by - 10:57

Tonight, I'll be off on another trip, this time to Davao City and its for something exciting and big. 

Soiree- A party or gathering held in the afternoon till evening

Its SOUL Lifestyle's first ever blogger's soiree and you're INVITED! Come meet The Walking Recessionista (Cheyser Pedregosa) , Photographer Aidx Paredes  and the upcoming blogger's from the South. 

 The soiree features a chat with Cheyser and a chance to meet the other up and coming bloggers from the south (myself included). The soiree also includes a styling challenge (ohmaygosh,pressure) that all the bloggers will participate in. 

So come meet everybody and watch the styling challenge,
 Come to Soul Lifestyle's Abreeza branch, at 3pm on the 7th of January. 

Thank you to Soul for inviting me to be part of this great event, even if I am the only blogger who is not from Davao City (DOUBLE PRESSURE.HAHA)

C'mon! Wear your best outfit and witness all these bloggers unleash their skills in a styling contest.

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