SOUL Lifestyle Blogger's Soiree

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 The sweetest and most amazing table set up!

 I wouldnt really call this a group photo, it feels more like a family photo.

 Personalized Kits.

After we all got settled down, the nonstop talking just had to follow! 
Wilson's Medallions.

We ate so many chocolate based foods that day. Imagine the sugar rush that followed!
The rockstar couple
On the way up to the store for the styling challenge.

Choosing clothes to use. It felt like a dream! The store was all ours!
The Walking Recessionista's fabulous El Carmen's from Jeffrey Campbell
Yours Truly Styled along with Pat and Wilson of Style Zodiac
Kristine of Kweshiedoodles and Gail of Yourlivingmannequin
The winning look! From Kyrie of Kyriecouture and Steph of confessions of a glitterati,

The readers that came to visit us.
Cheyser and I

SOUL lifestyle's owner and Pinkmother, Mimi Tupas.

I was one of the bloggers chosen to grace the SOUL lifestyle bloggers soiree on the 7th of January 2012. I along with Pat and Wilson of Style Zodiac, Kyrie of Kyrie Couture, Kristine of Kweshidoodles, Gail of Yourlivingmannequin and Steph of confessions of a glitterati.

 Being the only blogger who isn’t from Davao city, I was downright scared! But to my surprise everyone at the event was so nice and sweet! I met really good people, like my new best bud Farrah (who organized the whole event.), Pat and Wilson who never fails to make me laugh, Kyrie who is super spunky and is Aidx’ new soul mate and the sweet Kristine, Gail and Steph.

The first leg of the show featured snacks at chocolatier, where we listened to top fashion blogger Cheyser (who is funny and reaaaally nice!) of The Walking Recessionista share her tips on blogging and how these days, bloggers are now the forefront of the fashion industry.

After the chocolate overload that was Chocolatier, we went on up to the SOUL lifestyle branch in Abreeza to participate in a styling challenge. I was paired with Pat and Wilson, we went through about 7 outfit changes until we finally decided on the final look. (More on that in a separate post tomorrow)

After the styling challenge, we were finally able to meet and greet our readers. I came thinking that no one would really know me cause I wasn’t from the city, but low and behold people actually asked to have their picture taken with me, I FELT SO LOVED! Hahaha.

I swear after the said event, we all just couldn’t stop talking and talking (after all, we were girls with the same interests). I know I keep stressing this but we just felt like family, like we have all known each other for so long, we just clicked.
I learned two notable things from everyone that day. First is that it isn’t really about the amount of traffic you get on your blog or the number of hypes that your look gets on, it’s that you love fashion and blogging and you wanna share your take on it to the world.

Second is,
Dreams are important, go after them.


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