Plastic Seats.

by - 02:50

 See those drawings behind me? Notice how they look like a kid drew them? Well..I drew them when I was 8. :) I was kind of an artist as a kid, I wonder what happened. ;/

 Mama cut my head! hahaha

Here's me, desperate to get a shot of the back of my head! So many colors!

Here's something simple that I wore to school when the weather was being bi-polar. We had really nice cuddle weather in the morning and insane heat starting at noon. I knew the weather was going to shift drastically, so I wore something good for both kinds of weather. 
I put on my sheer polo and coupled it with my big, fat and warm knit. All it took was an easy removal, and I was weather ready!

I apologize for the lack of posts, school has been eating time. 
Till the next post!

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