The Afternoon Sunset.

by - 06:45

 I shall call this duo, BIRDHOUSE. hahahaha 

 Awkward face. haha.

 Beyond obsessed with these earrings from accessorize!

 Sorry, a bit shiny cause of the sun.


Dress and belt: WAGW
Shorts: Spruce
Earrings: accessorize

Took advantage of the setting sun’s rays to take these photos.  Took a lot of squinting and hand movements to get the light out of my eyes, which is why im not really looking at the camera. It was BLINDING SUNLIGHT, I tell you.

So, here’s what I wore to school today. Its an outfit featuring something I’ve been meaning to wear for so long. This tribal print dress (turned top from WAGW.) I got this dress last summer and because I love it too much, I’ve never found a great enough way to wear it out. Here it is paired with my favorite high waist shorts. I swear, everything looks good tucked in and high waist-ed.

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  1. I love you tribal top Mia! Almost the same with Pat :)

  2. gosh. i wish we had the freedom to wear whatever we wanted in school! when i was still in college, the dress code was really OA! no shorts, no slippers, no sleeveless, no skirts above the knee, no see-throughs (oh sheer tops!), no deep necklines, no mid-rifts. Oh God!

    good thing you can wear things like that to school!