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Let’s enter the most adorable powder room, shall we?

Here’s a photo of the artist behind this whole place : Chinkee Te.  Wait for how she says “Im Chinkee Te and this is Chinkeetea!” 

Im a sucker for milk tea (or anything yummy,healthy and low fat). So when I hear that a new milk tea place opened up terribly close to school, I take the hike and check the place out. What I didn’t expect was to be in the most adorable place in the entire city! It seems like I’m in the Victorian girls dream! Pearls and pastels and everything girly!

What I couldn’t help but fall in love with (aside from the insanely great milk tea) were the chairs each with their own unique designs. From what I heard, Chinkee (the owner) painted them herself! (Talk about creativity!)

Chinkeetea is attracting a lot of love and it’s only a week old. If you wanna go have some great authentic Taiwanese milk tea, Chinkeetea is the place!

Chinkeetea is located at:

Malfori Compound,
Pabayo - Gaerlan Sts., Cagayan de Oro City.

A little birdie told me that there will be cookies and other insanely good things available soon! YAY!


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  1. I was planning to do a post about Chingkeetea too! I can't wait to be back in CDO and try it! the photos of the shop on their fb page was enough to make me fall in love with it.

    by the way, you are from CDO diay, Mia? All this time I thought you were from Davao! it always excites me to know bloggers from CDO! =)

  2. Wow! I am inlove with the place! How much more if I am able to go there? :) Two thumbs up for Ms. Chinkee Te! :)

  3. I must visit here soon!! :) Cant wait to be back in cdo! Awesome place!!

  4. this is the cutest place! so lovely xx