Me and the Airport.

by - 07:15

Here's my no fail airport outfit. Comfy jumpsuit, scarf. big bag and  flats 

What’s girl to do when she’s alone and has to wait in an airport for 4 hours?  I was really supposed to wait just for 2 hours, but since Cebu Pacific decided to be mean to me, my flight got pushed back 2 more hours. LUCKY.

I decided to cope with the boredom by taking photos of my most recent and most thought about purchase from Parfois. On sale btw, for 995 :)

Blogging about the SOUL event tomorrow! :)

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  1. I love your bag Mia baaa :) I saw a bag dun sa Aldo with this print too! <3

  2. I was planning on buying the same bag in Parfois but ubos na. Swerte you got one and on sale pa. I'm inggit :(