One Final Push.

by - 07:24

 From the second set of outfit shots:

Top and skirt: Vintage
Earrings: Accessorize
Bangles: From HK

What I wore to day 1 of finals week. I swear, the only perk of finals is being able to wear whatever we want. It was really really hot in school today, and I knew I had to do alot of walking around (last minute clearance issues) so, I opted to wear some thing that felt and looked breezy at the same time.

One more big push and I'm free!

Oh summer, I am more than ready for you!

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  1. I LOVE everything you're wearing!!! <3333

  2. Hello ate Mia! I really love your style! I often see you in school and i admire the way you carry yourself! I wonder if you can give some tips or fashion do's and don'ts especially when XU has a very strict policy when it comes to clothes. hehe :))Thanks and Godbless!! :))


    1. Chiqui! Tweet me @itsmiaaa and we can talk!

      and aww thanks for such sweet words! you see me in school, really? :)

  3. the earings <3