The Upside.

by - 11:58

Top: Banana Republic
Shoes: Comfort Plus.

Something terrible and something great happened yesterday. The terrible quite more heavy than the great, unfortunately. But I would rather not talk about it (the bad) . I'm keeping my head up high and looking at the flipside.

Kyrie Of Kyrie Couture and I have a surprise to all our readers who are attending the SOUL lifestyle event! 

Come in your most jaw-dropping outfit, and if we fall in love with it, you get to join us in the styling contest! 
And guess what, if we win...YOU GET TO KEEP THE OUTFIT. (YES..ITS YOURS!)

More details on our selection process in my next post!

Davao in 2 days!(excited! haha)

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  1. Gorgeous! Love your outfit :) <3

  2. Hi Mia! :-) Nice meeting you kanina. Followed you and I love your blog. Hope we can be friends ~