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My last post was about having to go to the pool to beat the summer heat, now its about going to the mountains for the cold and the smell of pine trees!
Another trip to Dahilayan with my family. Dahilayan's weather has always been strange, the sun can be up one minute and the wind can be harshly cold the next. So, what's a girl to do? Wear a plain top and a bright skirt and the perfect coat to keep the cold at bay.

OH! I did something pretty awesome and scary! It's got something to do with being dropped 45 ft above the ground. Here's a clue!: 

 Okay, so I do look scared! hahaha
Video and more photos to follow! 

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  1. love your skirt it brings accent to your outfit! is that a short that looks like a skirt? =) btw love your hair! i saw your blog one word AMAZING! keep posting and i'll be reading it! =)