Negrenese Food.

by - 03:18

-Mudpie (ice cream pie) from calea.
- Honey Chicken from 21st.
- Orange slices.
- Mixed fruits.
- Pinoy Halo Halo
- Sizzling Salisbury.
- Sate Babe (Pork in peanut sauce)
The 7th all the way till the last photo, were all taken at the Pastry shop of BOBS.

Taking a break from the Boracay photos and showing you all some great food from the Negros region. The Negrenese (people from Negros) LOVE to eat. And eat they shall, there were so many great restaurants and pastry shops all over Bacolod city. I guess the phrase "let them eat cake" is very much taken to heart here.

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