Cancelled Spontaneity

by - 11:06

I'm not one to wear my heels and accessories to school. I have, unfortunately, reduced myself to a uniform that I have prescribed to myself.  That uniform includes a big bag for all my stuff, skinny jeans (almost always, black) and a comfortable button down (usually,white).

So one random day I chose to be different. I put on earrings and heels (the ones in the photos) and proceeded out the door. Right before I got in the car I said to myself, "You're gonna wear that all day, in Economics and in Chem lab. Are you sure,Mia?" 

I ended up taking the earrings off and changing into flats. So much for spontaneity. 

Maybe heels in school can wait till the school puts my classrooms on ground floors.

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  1. hahah! i can relate! i remembered back when i was a freshman in college and was so eager to wear my black heels as school shoes only to end up with sore feet coz my room was all the way up the 6th floor of Aggies Bldg. days after, i bought me flats and that's the story of how flats became my Bffs for four years! guess the heels will have to wait until graduation, eh?