Pretty Alright.

by - 09:49

Collar: Instafab.
Dress: WAGW

Two things I must mention about these photos. One.,you can’t see my feet cause I am actually barefoot. Two, I’m wearing an insanely bright lipstick. Something I’ve never done. I’ve always been the nude or light pink sort of girl.

Wore my first detachable collar to school today. But as the world would have it, a dress this short will not get me past the school gates so I sort of had to stuff it in my jeans. And thankfully, I didn’t look that awful.
This week has been so mean to me. I’ve been busy running around from office to office to enrol for summer school. I’ve always thought that signing up for school during the summer is pretty much like signing my summer away. But classes have just started and I have been having an okay week. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better that what I had in mind.

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  1. Mia! Your bag is so cute. Where did you get it? :)

  2. that's what i hate about XU..students can't express themselves thru the clothes they wear coz of the dress code! even outsiders should stick with it. even as an alumna, i still cnt get through the gates if im not properly covered up. haha

    the dress btw looks so comfy! summer-perfect! ;)