What Goes In My Travel Bag.

by - 04:34

1. The mess that lived on my bed last night.
2. My new pair, a gift from Aidx Paredes.
3. The first layer of bags and shoes in my travelling bag.
4. My latest purchase, a tribal printed bikini.
5. My sequined polo’s collar.
6.  Really huge sunhat.
7. A gift from my boyfriend. Shipped all the way from Rasa Ria, Malaysia.

Currently in Bacolod with family and family friends. Travelling to Boracay on Wednesday and will be there till Saturday. Apparently I packed for Bora more than Bacolod. (Oh yes, I’m that excited.)

Photos are conclusive evidence that I am NOT a light packer. HAHA

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  1. cute sunnies!! :)


  2. Mia, I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Can I raid your room someday? Hahaha! Kisses!

    Yourlivingmannequin.blogspot.com ♥