One Up.

by - 07:25

 Lesson learned, Mia, never do your own nails. HAHA.

Tank top: Bench.
Scarf: Hang Ten.
Sunglasses: Forever 21.

We're all entitled to one lazy day outfit. Here's mine : A plain white tank top and a pair of shorts. But since the "blogger" in me decided to "OOMPH" its up a bit, I chose one piece that I knew would bring up my outfit a few levels.

So here is my new tribal print Hang Ten scarf. Now, dont you dare think scarves are just for cold days! Scarves like these are really thin,so the wind just keeps coming. Its one of my best buys this summer!

What do you think of my lazy look? 

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  1. Wow love the scarf and eyewear!