My week in Cebu. (Insta-photos)

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My outfit on the day Clarence and I decided to eat a whole lot. (Day 2)

My way to beat the heat. A raspberry Starbucks! 

 Clarence and I enjoying my favorite pastime, cam-whoring.

 The famous Army Navy burrito! I waited an hour and a half for this and its worth the wait!

 Clarence's favorite, the Bully Boy Burger. 
 DIY bleached top.

F&H sunnies. 

 The really long line at Army Navy!

 Playing with Butch, the Pug that will rule the world. HAHA


F21 ring.

  Desserts to die for at DOLCE!

 It was a really bad idea to rush in here on the day I had just arrived. HAHA.

 Clarence and his furry dogs.
 Wearing my SOUL lifestyle mullet skirt.

 USC-CAFA canteen.

 Clarence's 2nd year anniversary present!


 F21 Cebu.

 Suki, my favorite shit zhu!

Outfit on landing day.

Just got back from a 7 day trip to one of my favorite cities, CEBU! Here's my photo diary as posted on instagram. :) follow me! miadurano
I know, most of you have seen these photos on instagram. But, I really wanted to post them here for those who have not seen them.
Prepare for a bunch of outfit posts this week! I've been feeling very guilty about leaving my blog without a new post for 11 days.

GAAH! forgive me for the lack of updates? 

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  1. I was like, why an hr and a half?? and then i saw the photo of the line. AND FUDGE. KAHOT MO BUANG KA. and i know youre in love cos nag-iba jud itsura mo with clarence. Blooming!! <3 :)