Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Cafe.

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 Its a tea party, wear a hat.

 Nikko, this guy is a good friend and an even better photographer!
He took most of the photos of me, check out his page here

 Blogger at work. I was taking that photo of the Vanity Works sign.

What I'm wearing:
Vintage YSL denim shirt.
Forever 21 Skirt.
Cheyser x SoFab platforms
SM department store hat.

 With Chingkee Te and friends.

 My cup of love, filled with peppermint milk tea. 

Check out my milk tea cheeks!

A new tea cafe has opened in CDO! Sweet Leaf Tea Cafe, opened its doors on Sunday at around 3pm and I was one of the few friends invited to its opening date. It was an afternoon well spent with friends and bonding over , what else? Bubble Tea!

If you read the sign, It says "Spa, Salon and Tea cafe". How amazingly convenient! Imagine indulging in your favorite tea while getting a haircut! And that's exactly what I did.

Sweet Leaf  Bubble Tea is located at 

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