Casual Uniform.

by - 09:51

 I couldn't pick just one nail color this week. So I chose them all! HAHA.

Bag: Accessorize
Top: MNG.
Shorts: Forever 21
Necklace: Zalora.
Flats: SM Department Store.

ITS SEPTEMBER! The year has gone by so fast! I'm going to be back in school next month! *HAPPY DANCE!!!*

So, for the first day of the month, let me introduce you to my casual uniform. A loose button down, cutoffs, a huge bag for all my stuff and flats. I think this is the perfect way to look comfy without looking sloppy! (rhyme. haha!)

Two things I have to mention this week:

- Our new househelp Cathy, took all these photos! She's pretty good. So I have a new person to bother for shots now. Expect more outfit shots from now on. (Unlike when my sister was my photog, she had school so outfit shots were difficult to get.)

- I'm heading to General Santos city for some downtime till Sunday and I'll be hitting Davao city on the 3rd of September. SEE YOU!

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